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Avocado Toast Pizza

Avocado Toast Pizza

Avocado Toast Pizza

Jalapeño hummus, avocado smash with lemon juice & cilantro, feta, fresh radish slices, radish sprouts, chili flakes, everything bagel spice & fried eggs


I don't care how basic it is, avocado toast is delicious. It's healthy, it's versatile, and we have been making it a LOT lately. Breakfast, lunch, whatever. Some people go for the avocado slices, but I prefer the smash. It lets you get away with different levels of avocado ripeness, and you can add some additional flavors into the avocado mixture itself. Then of course you need some crunch, which is where the radish comes in (it also adds a little bite of spice that goes perfectly with something mild like avocado). And of course the fried egg puts it over the top. See: oozy yolk pictures. Takeaway—if it goes on toast, it goes on pizza.


Avocado Toast Pizza

Avocado Toast Pizza



1 ball of pizza dough

olive oil

salt & pepper

flour for dusting

semolina flour for pizza stone


1 hunk of feta, crumbled

a couple dollops of jalapeño hummus*

2-3 avocados (depending on their size)

juice from ~1/2 lemon

1/4 cup cilantro, roughly chopped

2-4 radishes, thinly sliced (ideally on a mandoline)

1/4 cup radish sprouts (or other sprouts or microgreens)

pinch of chili flakes

~1 teaspoon everything bagel spice (you could make your own, but we got ours at Trader Joe's)

4 eggs

*If you want less spice, you could go for a lemon hummus (in which case maybe use a little less lemon juice with the avocado) or just a regular hummus


Preheat your oven to 550° F, or as hot as it will go. While it's heating, prep the rest of your ingredients. Since the majority of your ingredients will go on at the very end, you can wait to make your avocado smash until a little later, so it stays fresh and doesn't start to brown.

When the oven is hot, prepare your dough using the instructions on the right. After you've baked it for a couple minutes, take it out and brush it lightly with olive oil. Spread an even layer of hummus over the entire pizza up to the crust, followed by half of the crumbled feta, then pop it in the oven until the crust is a nice golden brown.

While your pizza is baking, fry up your eggs in some butter over medium-high heat, leaving them on just long enough so they still have a runny yolk. Sprinkle a little salt & pepper on top and set them aside on a plate.

As you wait for the eggs to fry (or before you start the eggs, depending on how good you are at multi-tasking), peel your avocados and smash them in a bowl with a few squeezes of lemon juice, the cilantro, and some salt & pepper. Taste and adjust the seasoning and lemon juice as needed.

When your pizza is done, take it out of the oven and spread a generous layer of the avocado smash overtop of the hummus. Sprinkle with some chili flakes and your radish sprouts along with the rest of the feta, then top with your radish slices. Finish it off with the fried eggs and a few pinches of the everything bagel seasoning. Puncture your eggs to let the yolk seep out onto the pizza, then slice it up and enjoy!

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Start stretching it from the center, then move it around in a circle so that gravity stretches it and creates a natural crust. It helps to put some olive oil on your hands first.



Place the dough on your floured surface & push it out with your fingertips until it's the size of your pizza stone. You can fold over the edges to create an extra fluffy crust.



When the oven is hot (preheat it with the stone inside), sprinkle some semolina flour on the pizza stone and place your dough on it.


Bake it for about a minute, or until it starts to bubble, then take it out. This last step isn't 100% necessary, but I feel like it adds a little extra crispiness to the crust.


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