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Broccolini, Potatoes & Quail Eggs

Broccolini, potato & quail egg pizza

Broccolini, potato & quail egg pizza

Broccolini, potato & quail egg pizza

Shaved Pecorino Romano, sauteed broccolini, roasted mixed baby potatoes with rosemary, baked quail eggs, grated parmesan



Ingredients: 1 ball of pizza dough flour for dusting

semolina flour for pizza stone olive oil salt & pepper 1-2 bunches broccolini, stems trimmed 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped pinch of red pepper flakes 6-10 mixed baby potatoes (purple, red, yukon gold), sliced ¼-inch thick 2-3 tablespoons fresh rosemary, minced 6 quail eggs (you can use regular chicken eggs if you want, you’ll just have to bake the pizza at a lower temperature so they bake evenly with the crust) grated Parmesan hunk of Pecorino Romano, shaved

Directions: Preheat your oven to 375° F. Toss the potatoes with the rosemary, plus some olive oil & salt. Roast until they begin to brown, soft in the middle and starting to get crispy on the edges, about 15 minutes or so. When they’re done, take them out and increase the oven temperature to 475° F.

Meanwhile, bring a large pot of boiling salted water to a boil, and add the broccolini in batches. Boil until crisp tender, about 1 minute per bunch and then transfer to an ice bath to stop the cooking process.

Drain the cooled broccolini and save about ¼ cup of the cooking liquid in the pot. In a large skillet, heat ¼ cup of olive oil over medium heat. Add the garlic and red pepper flakes and saute for about a minute, until the garlic is golden.

Add the broccolini, tossing to coat, and the reserved cooking liquid. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cook until the stems are tender, about 4 minutes or so. Season with salt to taste and set aside.

When the oven is hot, you can begin preparing your dough using the instructions on the right. Once you’ve baked it for a minute, take it out and brush it lightly with olive oil, followed by an even layer of the shaved Pecorino Romano.

Next add the potatoes and broccolini, leaving little gaps between the ingredients where you can crack the quail eggs. When you’re adding the eggs, I usually crack them into a measuring cup (or anything with a spout) individually first, so that they’re easier to pour onto the pizza without getting stuck with any rogue shell pieces.

After you’ve poured your quail eggs onto the spaces on your dough, pop the pizza in the oven and bake until the eggs become opaque but still have a little jiggle to them. When it’s finished, take it out, crack a little fresh pepper on top, and enjoy!

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Start stretching it from the center, then move it around in a circle so that gravity stretches it and creates a natural crust. It helps to put some olive oil on your hands first.



Place the dough on your floured surface & push it out with your fingertips until it's the size of your pizza stone. You can fold over the edges to create an extra fluffy crust.



When the oven is hot (preheat it with the stone inside), sprinkle some semolina flour on the pizza stone and place your dough on it.


Bake it for about a minute, or until it starts to bubble, then take it out. This last step isn't 100% necessary, but I feel like it adds a little extra crispiness to the crust.


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